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Teenilicious Acne Face Care Range

Specially formulated for teenage skin types to stop acne breakouts

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Teenilicious All in One Bath
Wash Range

The only wash you will ever need. Hydration, renewal, and freshness of your skin and hair.

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Teenilicious Hand Care Range

Keep your hands healthy, glowing and fresh always

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Teenilicious Tattoo Care Range

Give your tattoos a natural radiance and soothes newly tattooed skin.

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Three Step Solution For Problematic Acne
Teenilicious Acne Care Kit How To Use
Salicylic Acid Acne Care Kit - Who Is It For
Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Care Kit - Who Is It For
Azelaic Acid Acne Care Kit - Who Is It For

New Arrivals

Body Acne Care Kit
Rs. 1,225.00 Rs. 1,025.00
Body Acne Care Kit
Teenilicious Spray For Body Acne is a mild, non-irritating, yet highly effective body spray. For Acne on back, upper arms, buttocks and other affected body parts. It clears the pores, kills bacteria, calms redness and fights acne form. Teenilicious Wash...
Rs. 1,225.00 Rs. 1,025.00
Wash For Body Acne
Teenilicious Wash For Body Acne is a novel cleansing formulation for body acne. It is a refreshing, clean-rinsing body wash that treats and helps prevent body acne breakouts with an uplifting blast of Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Tea Tree Oil...
Rs. 475.00
Spray For Body Acne
Teenilicious Spray For Body Acne is a mild, non-irritating, yet highly effective body spray. For Acne on back, upper arms, buttocks and other affected body parts. It clears the pores, kills bacteria, calms redness and fights acne form. KEY INGREDIENTS: Salicylic...
Rs. 750.00
Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Teenilicious Anti Dandruff Shampoo is an antimicrobial, antiseptic shampoo designed for the dandruff and flaky scalp conditions. It helps to regulate sebum production. KEY INGREDIENTS: Salicylic Acid + ZPTO + Chitosan + Tea Tree Oil + Panthenol KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Promotes...
Rs. 485.00

The Fling with Tattoo Aftercare

The restorative Tattoo Care collection helps moisturize, and repair the epidermis by including a blend of plant oils like omega plus, wheat germ , shea butter, and rosemary.

Tattoo Wash From The restorative Tattoo care collection


Tattoo Balm From The restorative Tattoo care collection



Exotic Skin Connections

Body lotion gold sparkle

Teenilicious Body Lotion Sparkle has natural colour and aroma and is a delicious combination of botanicals and rich moisturisers for arms, legs, and body whenever you want to dazzle.

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Hand Care

The exquisite Hand Cream collection from Teenilicious repairs nourishes and protects hands without leaving a greasy film.

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All Day Freshness & Aroma

All in one wash

Teenilicious All-in-One Bath Wash range contains natural oils and extracts that detoxify and moisturize the skin and hair, leaving them feeling nourished, rejuvenated, and renewed

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Customer Reviews

I instantly fell in love with the sweet smell of the Acai Berry oil & Pomegranate hand cream…

My BFF shared her Teenilicious hand cream with me. I instantly fell in love with the sweet smell of the Acai Berry oil & Pomegranate hand cream. I love how soft and supple my palms felt on my face. Since then, this hand cream is a must in my carry-on bag.
Teenilicious Hand Cream with Acai Berry & Pomegranate
Priya Ray

May, 2022

It took only 7 days to see my 3 years of constant acne problems vanish

It took only 7 days to see my 3 years of constant acne problems vanish with the Teenilicious range of face care products with azelaic acid.
Teenilicious face care range with Azelaic acid
Megha Chatterjee

March, 2022

My struggle to keep my face clear of blackheads and acute acne breakouts ended…

My struggle to keep my face clear of blackheads and acute acne breakouts ended with the Teenilicious face care range with salicylic acid & tea tree oil. It’s become so simple and less time-consuming to maintain a healthy skincare routine.
Teenilicious Face Care range with Salicylic acid & Tea tree oil
Sanya Sharma

July, 2019

Most of my old tattoos fade over time and I keep spending a lot just for the retouching process

Most of my old tattoos fade over time and I keep spending a lot just for the retouching process. Recently, I got a new tattoo and my tattoo designer handed me this product and asked me to apply it twice a day. It not only acted as an antiseptic but added a natural glow to all of my tattoos. I am in love with this amazing product!
Teenilicious Tattoo Balm
Benjamin Paul

February, 2022

This 3-in-1 wash worked wonders…

I always felt conscious in social setups because of my excessive sweating problem. Last Valentine's day my girlfriend gifted me a hamper which had a Teenilicious 3-in-1 wash with Moroccan & Rosemary oil. This 3-in-1 wash worked wonders; it reduced my sweating problem and made my hair soft too.
Teenilicious hair, body and face wash with Moroccan & Rosemary oil
Rahul Pasari

April, 2022

Now it’s a part of my daily skincare routine.....

I was on the lookout for a quality body lotion with shimmer to suit my sensitive skin type when I came across Teenilicious body lotion sparkle. Its natural, chemical-free ingredients added an instant shine and suppleness to my skin. Now it’s a part of my daily skincare routine.
Teenilicious Body Lotion with Gold Sparkle
Afroza Karim

January, 2022

Teenilicious Journal

Why Should Men Use Intimate Wash?

Why Should Men Use Intimate Wash?

Let's get to the point-as uncomfortable a subject as it might be-that guys need to take care of their genitalia. Well, maintaining good health also entails taking good care of your body's hygiene...
What Triggers Back Acne And How To Treat It?

What Triggers Back Acne And How To Treat It?

Did you know that acne may develop on the torso as well as the face? Anywhere, including the shoulders, back, and chest, it can manifest itself. Body acne is fairly common, and many...
Skin-Healthy Habits Backed By Science

Skin-Healthy Habits Backed By Science

Here at Teenilicious, we're committed to assisting you in attaining the healthiest skin possible - and achieving that goal doesn't have to be difficult at all! We'll cover all you need to know...

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A clean body and face are essential for feeling true confidence. Teenilicious wants to make your skin genuinely delectable since we recognise how important skin confidence is for young adults. Since every millennial is different in their way, we've developed a whole range of the best skin care products, Bathing, and Tattoo Aftercare Products that are kind to your skin and hair and favoured by millennials all around the world. All Teenilicious products are designed to work with teenage acne-prone skin.

A healthy lifestyle entails the best skincare routine using the best skin care products available online or in-store. Beyond merely looking attractive, taking good care of your skin is fundamental. Your skin is vital to your overall health since it is the largest organ you have. If you look after it, it will take care of you too. This is why having a thorough skincare routine is imperative. Daily skin care is worthwhile and just takes a little time and effort. The likelihood of someone making healthy decisions throughout the day is higher if they wash their face in the morning and at night. It is possible to mix a thorough hair care practice with skincare. By carrying out all of these actions, you could be inspired to improve your diet and exercise routine. It is a very well-known fact that improving your appearance will improve the way you feel. When you walk out into the world, having a healthy skincare regimen utilizing top-notch skin care products for teenagers helps you look your best and present your best self. A happier, healthier you will result from it all!

Prevention is preferable to cure when it comes to skincare. Future invasive procedures can be avoided by taking steps like cleaning your face every day and using quality face care products. Negligence can lead to a variety of unavoidable issues. Making wise decisions throughout your life is the key to maintaining attractive skin as you age. Just as doing the right thing today can benefit you later, improper skin care decisions can have long-term consequences. Even though your skin is flawless and radiant right now, there is no assurance that it will remain the same in the future. This is a result of the everyday shedding of your skin cells. If you don't have a good skincare routine using the best products for skin care, your future skin might be dull and flaky. If you are unaware of what type of skin you have, it is essential to find out.

The Best Teenage Skincare Routine

Teenage acne spurred on by surging hormones is a common skin condition between the ages of 12 and 24. Symptoms include severe cystic pimples, sporadic whiteheads, and a T-zone covered in blackheads. This can only become worse if you also have demanding academics, little sleep, grab-and-go meals, and an unstable schedule. But avoid using harsh scrubs and stripping spot remedies; Instead, think long-term and maintain a consistent skincare regimen with the best products for acne-prone skin, which will benefit you as you age.

Your skin is still going through hormonal changes as a teen, so it's crucial to maintain an easy-to-follow skincare regime. Teenagers must wash, tone, exfoliate, and moisturise, to maintain healthy, balanced skin.

Understanding Teenage Acne

Typically, the most common teenage skin problems are acne, blackheads, and oily skin. Hormonal surges cause the oil glands to swell, making teenage skin more oily, which can result in clogged pores and blackheads. When hormones are in overdrive throughout puberty, the skin produces excessive amounts of sebum, which leads to acne. Try the following procedure if you see breakouts: Apply an Acne Gel after cleansing your skin and toning it. It is advisable to see a dermatologist before using any acne treatment if you have severe acne. Keeping your hands off pimples is vital since touching or poking them can leave acne scars that stay for years.

You may be experimenting with cosmetics, participating in more sports, and staying out late than usual. If you don't deep-cleanse your teenage skin with the best skin care products for teenagers, these activities can be damaging. You should also double down on cleansing at night or if you become sweaty or dirty throughout the day. Teenilicious advises using a Salicylic Acid Cleanser to keep your skin exfoliated and clear while doing it safely. It's a good idea to use a Toner that meets your requirements after cleaning, such as one that hydrates dry skin or purifies skin that tends to break out in acne.

Using skin care products for teenagers that work for you is essential, even if your skin feels oily. Choose a non-comedogenic moisturiser that will feel soft and pleasant on the skin, such as a gel or lotion. If you don't mind including an extra step in your routine, put on an antioxidant and hydrating serum. You have a better chance of maintaining higher amounts of collagen as you age if you start using sunscreen earlier in life. Additionally, this helps to avoid cumulative photodamage. After moisturizing, choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and follow the application instructions. A good SPF can help prevent pigmentation caused by hormonal fluctuations, and act as a quality skin care product, protecting your skin throughout.

When we're young, we don't always require the best skincare products because most of them are designed to heal external and internal damage, reactivate collagen and elastin synthesis, and target certain regions like the eyes and neck. Avoid doing too much, too quickly since it might irritate the skin, aggravate acne, and trigger allergies from an early age. Doing so often destroys the skin's protective layer, which can exacerbate existing acne, inflammatory conditions, blotchiness, and dryness. There is skincare advice available everywhere on the internet, but it's crucial to remember that many teens receive theirs from social media. Finding the appropriate skincare routine along with the best skincare products depends on the individual, so what may work for someone else may not work for you.

Teenilicious’s Sustainable Approach

The ongoing use of single-use plastics, non-recyclable materials, and other dangerous substances in the skin care industry is well known for being incredibly wasteful. It doesn't make sense to create products that are safe and efficient for you while harming our environment. At Teenilicious, we are very aware of the waste our goods and packaging generate. With eco-friendly options, we hope to inspire you to make decisions that protect the environment. We strive to leave a cleaner, healthier Earth for future generations with every decision we make. We provide skin, Hair, Body, and Tattoo Care products that are ECOCERT and PETA certified, FDA approved.

The uncertainties, business turmoil, and tales that have accompanied our journey so far have been nothing short of typical of a Bollywood film. We are very appreciative of your support during the entire process.

Keep an eye out for a fresh selection of the best skincare products handpicked with our target demographic - the young adults - in mind!

Good skin care is important for the following reasons:

  • You lose skin cells throughout the day, so it's crucial to maintain your skin radiance. This helps your skin stay healthy. An effective approach can repair prevent acne, and keep your skin looking great.
  • The slower cell turnover that occurs as you become older gives your skin a dull, lifeless appearance. Using a high-quality skincare product can aid in removing dead skin cells so that your body can replace them with newer, younger ones.
  • It is simpler and less expensive to prevent skin problems than to attempt and treat them later. Your self-esteem and confidence will improve when your skin looks healthier.

Genetics is what determines the kind of skin, yet it can also be influenced by other factors and can change over time. There are five categories of healthy skin based on these traits: normal, dry, oily, combination (including oily and dry skin), and sensitive.

Tips on good skincare:

  • Know your skin type.
  • Use products suitable to your skin type.
  • Cleanse your face at least two times a day with a quality face cleanser.
  • Use a suitable toner post wash.
  • Always use a moisturising gel / cream after cleansing and toning.
  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed.
  • Always layer products in the right order.
  • Wear sunscreen before going out during the daytime.

The components in skincare products known as "active ingredients" are those that are designed to address a particular issue. For example, if a product claims to moisturise dry skin, the active ingredient is the substance that addresses dehydration.

Your mental health might benefit from a thoughtful skincare routine! A significant amount of evidence supports the positive effects that self-care, mindfulness, and meditation have on your mental health. Skincare also plays a role in this.

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