Tattoo Care

Tattoo Care

Never let your narratives fade

Never let your narratives fade

Tattoo Care Kit 250ml - Tattoo Aftercare For Old & New Tattoos Benefits Of Tattoo Care Kit
Teenilicious Tattoo Wash And Balm is a natural ingredient-based, mild cleansing formulation which gently cleanses the tattooed skin and soothes the freshly-inked skin, adding a natural glow to tattoos. Enriched with a combination of plant oils like Omega Plus, Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter...
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Rs. 1,040.00
Rs. 649.00
Tattoo Balm 50g - Tattoo Aftercare Cream For Old & New Tattoos Benefits Of Tattoo Balm
Teenilicious Tattoo Balm is a natural ingredient-based formulation to soothe the freshly-inked skin and add a natural glow to tattoos. Enriched with a combination of plant oils like Omega Plus, Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter and Rosemary Oil, this nourishing balm smoothens, softens and restores...
Rs. 299.00
Rs. 445.00
Rs. 299.00
Tattoo Wash 200ml - Gentle Tattoo Wash For All Types Of Tattoo Benefits Of Tattoo Wash
Teenilicious Tattoo Wash this is a mild cleansing formulation which gently cleanses the tattooed skin. This sulphate-free cleanser is full of premium moisturizers like Colloidal Oatmeal and Aquaxyl that moisturizes and calms the skin. KEY INGREDIENTS: Colloidal Oatmeal + Aquaxyl + Hydrolyzed Quinoa + Rosemary Oil...
Rs. 399.00
Rs. 595.00
Rs. 399.00

Aftercare For Your Tattoos

Millions of people all around the world appreciate tattoos as a creative and interesting kind of body art. The first and second most important decisions for anybody thinking about getting a tattoo are the design and the artist. However, getting the tattoo itself is only the beginning of the procedure. Tattoo Aftercare is equally as crucial as the tattooing process itself. To avoid infections and colour bleeding, it's critical to make sure your tattoo is healing properly.

The best method to ensure that your tattoo will heal correctly and have vivid colouring and shading, that will remain a stunning piece of art for decades to come, is to strictly abide by the tattoo aftercare recommendations provided by your tattoo artist.

Importance Of Tattoo Aftercare

The Tattoo Aftercare required to guarantee the best long-lasting results wasn't given as much attention in the past. However, today's tattoo artists are aware of how vital tattoo aftercare is. We now realise how crucial it is to maintain a freshly-inked tattoo in a clean, germ-free environment so that it may effectively heal and become the lasting work of beauty it was intended to be. While your artist may provide you with guidelines, keep in mind that tattoo aftercare is your duty and yours alone. You must provide your tattoo with the necessary maintenance for the rest of your life if you want it to stay lovely, distinct, and vivid.

Any sort of tattooing exposes the skin and weakens its defences against diseases.

Tattoos when first applied are essentially open sores that can become infected with harmful bacteria and germs. With the proper tattoo aftercare, you can prevent infections from spreading to the skin near your inked region and foster an effective healing environment. There are tattoo aftercare procedures that you can do to keep your tattoo looking as vivid and youthful as the day you got it, even after it has healed. Your tattoo ages just as you do. The numerous environmental elements that might affect how your tattoo matures over time must also be fought off, just as you did when trying to prevent harmful microorganisms from infecting your freshly inked skin.

The Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Teenilicious Tattoo Balm

The Teenilicious Tattoo Balm is like a Tattoo Aftercare Cream that effectively moisturises skin while assisting in tattoo colour preservation. Since there is no petroleum, your clothing won't adhere to it or become stained. All skin types, especially dry skin problems, are supported by this moisturising Tattoo Aftercare Cream that is fortified with Omega Plus to improve overall skin health and hydration. Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, and Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that supports anti-ageing agents for tattooed skin, are all found in abundance in Wheat Germ Oil. Rosemary Oil profoundly hydrates, calms the skin, and can be used as an amazing tattoo aftercare moisturiser, while Shea Butter's concentration of fatty acids and vitamins has anti-inflammatory and healing effects, making it a perfect skincare product for softening inked skin. Teenilicious Tattoo Balm has passed all dermatological testing and is a non-irritating and non-allergic formulation created for proper tattoo aftercare and inked-skin nourishment.

Teenilicious Tattoo Wash

With its mild cleaning composition, Teenilicious Tattoo Wash gently washes the tattooed skin acting as a healing and nourishing tattoo aftercare product. Premium moisturisers including Colloidal Oatmeal and Aquaxyl, which hydrate and relax the skin, are abundant in this Sulphate-free cleanser. An intense moisturiser called Aquaxyl keeps the inked skin moisturised and silky thus, making your tattoo aftercare simple and easy to follow. The abundant protein in Hydrolyzed Quinoa feeds the tattooed skin, making it radiant and healthy. Rosemary Oil is used to moisturise and soothe the skin while also profoundly hydrating it. Teenilicious Tattoo Wash is a gentle but effective tattoo aftercare product because it doesn't include alcohol or parabens.

Recommendations For New Tattoo Aftercare

It's crucial to follow these tattoo aftercare recommendations if you want your tattoo to have a long, vivid, and attractive lifespan.

  • 1. Wait until your tattoo artist instructs you to do so before removing the bandage. Others will advise you to leave the bandage or plastic wrap on for the full day, while some artists prefer that you only leave it on for an hour or two. Do not worry; based on the design of the tattoo you just got, your tattoo artist will know how long is ideal for you.
  • 2. Once the tattoo has been washed, gently pat it dry. After the tattoo has been fully cleaned, gently dry it with a paper towel. Never massage the region; doing so will aggravate it. Always pat it instead.
  • 3. Apply a small coating of the Teenilicious Tattoo Balm to the tattoo after it has been cleaned and dried to help keep the area nourished and hydrated.
  • 4. Wash your hands and tattoo frequently. Cleaning the tattoo should occur at least twice every day. To avoid exposing the tattoo to new bacteria and germs, always wash your hands before cleaning the region. Continue cleaning the area with lukewarm water and the Teenilicious Tattoo Wash - the right wash for tattoo aftercare.
  • 5. Repeat the procedure until you are completely healed. Until it has healed entirely, your new tattoo will still be partially contaminated by microorganisms. A tattoo that has fully healed won't scab or peel. It is advised that you continue frequently washing the tattoo for another two to four weeks, or until you see that it has healed properly.
  • 6. Keep the scab in place. The healing of your tattoo will be slowed down if the scab is removed. Additionally, peeling the scab will make it fade and raise your chance of getting an infection - this is against the rules of proper tattoo aftercare.
  • 7. Avoid the sunlight. Your fresh tattoo may be harmed and fade much more quickly over time if you expose it to harsh sunlight without using Tattoo Aftercare or regular sunscreen. Try to avoid being in the sun, but if you can't help stepping outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather, be sure to cover the tattoo with sunscreen and also the rest of your body.
  • 8. Keep away from the water. Bacteria may contaminate any water body and ruin a freshly-inked tattoo. Take just brief showers up until the inked skin is fully healed to be safe. Additionally, you should refrain from swimming since hazardous pool chemicals are not kind to freshly inked skin. Like Chlorine, present in most swimming pool water is harmful and against proper tattoo aftercare.
  • 9. Even after your tattoo has fully healed, continue to be diligent in its upkeep. Keep your tattoo protected from the light even after it has completely healed. To keep the region smooth, moisturised, and protected, keep using the Teenilicious Tattoo Balm regularly. Whatever the age of your tattoo, keep in mind that if your skin seems healthy, so will your tattoo with proper Tattoo Aftercare.

Avoid These Mistakes With a Fresh Tattoo

In the first phases of healing, it may be tempting to scratch a tattoo. Tattoos that are healing may feel tight and scratchy. However, if you strictly adhere to your tattoo artist's advice about proper tattoo aftercare, you will have a stunning piece of body art that will last your entire lifetime.

Try to avoid doing any of the following while your new tattoo is healing:

  • Peel away the scabs.
  • Pick out any peeling skin.
  • Scratch at your tattoo.
  • Submerge the tattoo in water from places like lakes, ponds, puddles, wash sinks, and bathtubs.
  • Expose the tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • Re-wrap the tattoo.
  • Slather and smother the tattoo in an excess amount of tattoo cream.
  • Use petroleum-based products.
  • Use soaps that have fragrances or alcohol in them to clean the tattoo.
  • Use towels and/or dirty or rough cloths to wash and/or dry the tattoo.
  • Wear clothing that is too tight over the tattoo.
  • Exercise too soon after having the tattoo done.
  • Use hot water to clean the tattoo.
  • Use steam rooms or saunas.
  • Touch the tattoo with filthy hands.
  • Let other people touch the tattoo.

Keep in mind that scheduling a consultation with a tattoo artist is only the first step in your tattoo aftercare process. How well you took care of your tattoo after it was placed will always be a deciding factor in how long it will last.

Use the Teenilicious Tattoo Wash, a gentle cleansing formulation to effectively clean tattooed skin. This Tattoo Aftercare Wash moisturises and soothes inked skin. The quality moisturisers in this Sulphate-Free Tattoo Wash, include Colloidal Oatmeal and Aquaxyl.

Apply Teenilicious Tattoo Wash two times a day, if your tattoo is fresh and your skin needs healing. For old tattoos, we recommend only a single wash every day, to maintain the cleanliness and health of the inked skin.

After washing a tattoo, use a soft, dry and clean piece of cotton cloth to dab dry the inked skin. Apply the amazing Teenilicious Tattoo Balm to hydrate, moisturise, nourish and maintain the health of inked skin.

Apply the Teenilicious Tattoo Balm that soothes newly inked skin and provides a healthy glow to tattoos. A combination of plant oils in this nourishing balm, including Omega Plus, Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter, and Rosemary Oil, smooths, softens and restores the skin barrier. This wonderful Tattoo Aftercare Product is enhanced with vitamins B6 and E, which not only heal tattooed skin but also offer tattoos a radiant beauty and keep them vibrant for a long time.