Hand Creams

Hand Creams

Hold a true friend with both your hands

Hold a true friend
with both your hands

Hand Care Kit 240g - Hand Care Creams For Dry Hands, Hand & Cuticles Care Benefits Of Hand Care Kit
Elevate your hand care with Teenilicious' range of luxurious hand creams. Avocado Oil & Vanilla pamper with protection, nourishment, and repair sans greasy residue. Experience youthfulness with Grapefruit Seed Oil & Matcha Green Tea's replenishing touch. Moroccan Oil & Mulberry delivers a youthful glow...
Rs. 649.00
Rs. 800.00
Rs. 649.00
Body Lotion Gold Sparkle 150ml - Skin Shine Lotion To Add Natural Shimmer Benefits Of Body Lotion Gold Sparkle
Teenilicious Body Lotion Sparkle is a luxurious blend of botanicals & rich moisturizers. Apply lotion to arms, legs & body whenever you want to shimmer. It contains natural colour & fragrance. KEY INGREDIENTS: Apple Fruit Extract + Glycerine KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Moisturises & Hydrates The Skin Brightens...
Rs. 529.00
Rs. 529.00
Hand Cream For Dry Hands With Acai Berry Oil & Pomegranate 60g Benefits Of Hand Cream With Acai Berry Oil & Pomegranate
Teenilicious Hand Cream With Acai Berry & Pomegranate is a velvety rich formula that gets quickly absorbed in the skin to protect, nourish & moisturize the hands. KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter + Pomegranate Seed Oil + Acai Berry Oil KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Moisturises, Nourishes, And Soothes The...
Rs. 199.00
Rs. 199.00
Hand Cream With Avocado Oil & Vanilla 60g - Hand Cream For Dry Hands Benefits Of Hand Cream With Avocado Oil & Vanilla
Teenilicious Hand Cream With Avocado Oil & Vanilla is a luxurious cream that repairs, nourishes and protects hands without leaving a greasy film. KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter + Avocado Oil + Vanilla Extract KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Soothes Irritated Skin Hydrates Parched Skin Treats Chapped Skin Lightens Dark...
Rs. 199.00
Rs. 199.00
Hand Cream For Dry Hands With Grapefruit seed Oil & Matcha Green Tea 60g Benefits Of Hand Cream With Grapefruit seed Oil & Matcha Green Tea
Teenilicious Hand Cream With Grapefruit Seed Oil & Matcha Green Tea is a replenishing formula which visibly promotes youthful-looking & soft hands immediately. KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter + Grapefruit Seed Extract + Matcha Green Tea KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Detoxifies Skin Gently And Naturally Maintains The Moisture Barrier...
Rs. 199.00
Rs. 199.00
Hand Cream With Moroccan Oil & Mulberry 60g - Hand Cream For Dry Hands Benefits Of Hand Cream With Moroccan Oil & Mulberry
Teenilicious Hand Cream With Moroccan Oil & Mulberry promises to give a healthier & younger-looking hands. It fights dark spots while keeping the hands supple & smooth all day. KEY INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter + Mulberry Extract + Moroccan Oil KEY HIGHLIGHTS: Moisturises, Nourishes, And Soothes The...
Rs. 199.00
Rs. 199.00

The Best Hand Care Product Range In India!

Winter, summer, or any other season, our hardworking hands never stop. Our hands never get a rest; whether it's the first handshake, typing away at the office, or lifting a hefty weight at the gym, they are engaged in everything. All of this routine work tends to dry the skin, resulting in calloused, rough hands. Thus, it is our responsibility to provide them with the same love and hand care that our hands allow us to show others.

You may demonstrate your love for your hands in a variety of ways, such as by buying the best Hand Cream Collection available in India, wearing additional protection, or reading this article and learning everything there is to know about hand care. However, before exploring the realm of hand creams, let's discover the solution to this bothersome query:

Why are My Hands So Dry?

Your skin serves as a barrier of defence when it is healthy, but excessive exposure to UV Rays, pollution, and environmental factors causes cracks, redness, irritation, and, of course, dryness. This barrier's deterioration may be caused by a variety of factors; let's examine some of the most significant ones that make regular hand care a must for almost all of us:


Less humidity in the air during the colder months is a big contributor to dry hands. The skin tends to lose moisture as the humidity in the air decreases. Applying a Hand Cream for protection is always advised.

Workplace Conditions

Hairdressers, dry cleaners, and factory employees may often come into contact with severe irritants and chemicals. The same is true for several occupations, including those of nurses, physicians, teachers, caregivers, and many more. All of these result in working demands that leave our hands quite dry. Take up a proper hand care regime to overcome this issue.

Harsh Soaps & Handwashes

As they are designed to remove oil, several well-known and often-used cleaning products, including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and hand washes, are likely to remove moisture and natural oil from your hands. Regular application of the best hand cream for dry skin is recommended under such circumstances.

Hot Baths

Many people, especially in the winter, prefer to take a lengthy, hot shower to end a pretty tough day. However, if you don't moisturise your skin completely after taking these hot baths and showers, dry hands might be a problem. Using a skin protection cream can help you overcome such issues.


The same harm that hot baths in the winter do to us—robbing us of our natural oils and resulting in dryness, is done in summer by chlorinated pools. Thus, making a regular hand care routine a must for almost all of us.


The medical community states that individuals who are 40 years of age or older have a higher chance of developing dry skin. This problem affects about half of the people in this age group. As we age, our skin tends to generate less oil, making it drier. It could also be connected to the hormonal changes brought on by menopause in females. Check out the Teenilicious Hand Cream Collection online, today to address this issue immediately.

Medical Conditions

Even though dry hands are a widespread problem, they can occasionally be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Consult a dermatologist if your hands are abnormally dry and there is no obvious explanation. Two disorders that can result in skin irritation, dry hands, peeling, and cracking are psoriasis and eczema. Consult a dermatologist at once for the best possible hand care and skin care treatment.

Are These Not Painful Causes?

But don't worry; we have the ideal answer for you. It's Hand Creams, as you probably have realised by now. Due to COVID, a common choice in hand care products has suddenly turned into a need. However, the market's diverse selection of hand care products makes it quite simple to become lost. But don't worry; we have you covered. We have put up a list of substances that must be in your hand creams to clear up any doubt and let you make an educated decision. Take a peek!

The Components To Seek In The Best Indian Hand Cream

Shea Butter

Shea Butter, one of the oldest treatments for dry skin, must be present in your hand cream. It is a good source of vital fatty acids, Vitamins A, and E.

It increases the skin's ability to act as a barrier while offering minimal UV protection. Shea Butter hand lotions are very nourishing and rejuvenating, almost like a sleeping mask for your hands. Additionally, it improves circulation and retexturizes skin, giving weary and hurting hands a boost.

Jojoba Oil

It is a seed oil made from the seeds of the perennial Jojoba plant, which is found in the deserts of North America. It is stacked with Omega-6 fatty acids, which are crucial for the skin's barrier as well as antioxidants including Vitamins A and E. As a humectant, it also helps to maintain moisture in the skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the skin is calmed and given the necessary moisture. Most OTC Hand Creams consist of Jojoba Oil, making your hands' texture smooth again.

Cocoa Butter

It is a kind of fat made from Cocoa Beans that have been utilised for over three thousand years. It is well recognised for its capacity to hydrate and enhance the suppleness of skin because of its high fatty acid content. Additionally, it forms a shield over the skin to keep moisture in. Your hands' wrinkles, blemishes, and marks are also reduced by it. It is also abundant in phytochemicals, which are organic plant substances that promote blood flow and ward against ageing by protecting your hands from the sun.


SPF has become a need for all types of creams, including face and hand creams. As everyone is aware, SPF shields the skin from the sun, and UV Rays guard against several malignancies. It is also among the greatest ingredients for any region of your body to fight age. Our hands' skin is thinner than the rest of our body, thus it needs more SPF for upkeep and protection.

Vitamin E

It is a timeless moisturising agent and a common element in Hand Care Products. It has enhanced skin's built-in UV defence and may be found in everything from moisturisers to sunscreens. To guarantee smooth, supple skin, the best Hand Cream in India must contain Vitamin E. It can aid in preventing irritation to the skin's outer layer, making it a great component for sensitive skin.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil calms itchy skin, replenishes dry skin, heals chapped skin and fades dark spots.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties soothe skin redness and irritation and are excellent hand care products for dull and dry hands.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract keeps the skin’s outer layer hydrated and exfoliates the skin gently and naturally.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea soothes inflammation, controls excessive oil production, protects skin from the sun and brightens the complexion.

Mulberry Extract

Mulberry Extract makes skin radiant by fading away dark spots, improving uneven skin tone and protecting the skin from damage.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil benefits hand care products with its anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and skin moisturising properties.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

The Pomegranate Seed Oil has restorative, nourishing properties suitable for sensitive hand skin types that penetrate the epidermis without irritating it.

Acai Berry Oil

Acai Berry Oil boosts healthy & glowing skin, calming redness and preventing breakouts.

Instead of choosing a synthetic blend devoid of any natural components, attempt to choose a hand cream that has natural relaxing substances. Chemicals may produce fast benefits, but continued usage might be dangerous. Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Extract, Seed Oil, and others are examples of other naturally relaxing substances. These organic elements have a relaxing effect and give the skin a nourishing, restorative, and moisturising feel.

Check out the Teenilicious range of advanced hand creams that are made with pure, natural ingredients. After using this outstanding hand care product line, you won't need to look for another one. What are you waiting for, then?

Buy your favourite hand cream right away!

Daily application of hand lotion promotes healthy skin, which results in finer, smoother cuticles. The keratin on the nails is kept strong by hand cream use, resulting in longer, healthier nails.

Good Hand Cream will fight pigmentation, dryness, and early wrinkles while increasing skin suppleness and moisture levels. Applying hand lotion ritualistically may be a relaxing experience and a small break from a busy day.

It should go without saying, if you don't moisturise, you will dry up your skin, and if it's winter and freezing outside or the humidity is low, it will get much worse. Your hand skin will start to flake and seem dry if you don't use moisturiser.

When your hands feel dry, apply a moisturising Hand Cream to them after washing them (yes, that means after every single bathroom visit!).

As hand creams include a large amount of oil, their texture will be much thicker. Due to the increased water content, lotions and body creams will be thinner.