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About Us

“What drives your product and sets you apart is your passion. Believe in yourself and what you make. Think outside the box and create new and innovative products that will set you apart from the competition."


– Shaily Mehrotra
Founder and Creator of Fixderma Teenilicious.


Fixderma India Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2006. Since then, it has made a mark by making quality and result oriented products that has brought a clear difference in the skin care range present in the market. Fixderma has received numerous laurels for its commitment to create high-performance formulations developed through innovative science and technology.

We continually strive to innovate the ‘next generation’ in skin science using ground-breaking techniques from renowned suppliers across the globe. Teenilicious product range is an initiative taken in the direction of skincare for teenagers. Although the skin care market is very vast, but it had very choices for the teenagers. The objective of Teenilicious is to cater the adolescent boys and girls with the products they can rely upon.

There are very few youngsters who make it to adulthood without having skin problems.   The body experiences a lot of changes during puberty, so teen skin care can be difficult and obviously different from the adult skin care. Body and skin care is especially important at teenage.

Teenilicious products are especially formulated for teenage skin. All the products possess natural extracts that makes each application a pleasure for the skin. Teenilicious skin care range is gentle, yet effective on teenage skin.