All About Teenilicious

To enhance the way we take care of ourselves, we bring awareness to the issues and problems that we commonly ignore or consider trivial, though they have an impact on our quality of life. Teenilicious presents a range of remedies to a more resilient, comprehensive, and purposeful concept of beauty by resolving the causes of these problems. The entire bouquet of our offerings is suitable across generations - to treat the core of the condition and permanently cure it. All you need is some self-control and a disciplined skincare routine as Teenilicious takes care of the rest.

The skincare collection at Teenilicious is designed specifically for your skin and follows the brand's motto, Teen + delicious. All of our products have natural fruit and floral extracts that make application a delight for the skin and are created by prominent dermatologists from across the world. Teenilicious skincare is mild yet incredibly effective for delicate skin. The amazing product offering will keep you intrigued and encourage you to continue your skincare routine in a way that you will love and cherish.

Our production process follows nature as closely as possible to assure that our nutrients and active compounds are in the most natural, skin-friendly form possible. We take every measure to eradicate anything that has even the remotest risk of causing harm to the human body or mother nature. Each of our products has been scientifically evaluated to assure complete skin safety.

Teenilicious - for deliciously silky skin!

Certifications That Matter

All our products were subjected to the most stringent tests. Upon passing , they were submitted to the various domestic & international regulatory bodies for their testing and approval.

Clean Formulations. No Nasty Chemicals.