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Which Is Better For You: Body Wash Or Bar Soap?

17 Mar 2023
Which Is Better For You: Body Wash or Bar Soap?

This age-old argument between body wash vs. bar soap splits many people's opinions. While proponents of bar soap gush about how clean and fresh they feel after a shower, detractors may argue that bars are excessively abrasive and dry out sensitive skin. On the other hand, while proponents of body wash may swear by their loofahs and washcloths to create the perfect lather, detractors are quick to disparage these items as a bacterial nidus.

We're here to weigh in and highlight both the advantages of body wash and bar soap so you can choose wisely which product to bring home. It must be mentioned that both product categories successfully remove grime, germs, and other unwanted build-ups from the skin. But before making your ultimate decision, there are several things to consider, such as your skin type and your available space. And who knows, maybe we'll influence (or strengthen!) your opinion on an old argument.

Benefits Of Using Bar Soap

Easy Application Process

On damp skin, work up a lather, then rinse. That's all there is to it. No need for body brushes, sponges, washcloths, loofahs, or anything similar! In contrast to body wash bottles, which must be turned over when the formula gradually depletes, bar soap can be used until it is no longer usable.

Ideal Size For Confined Spaces

Don't let limited space prevent you from having clean skin! The corner shower in your home may become too crowded if you use a whole bottle of body wash. Fortunately, a soap bar can fit into that tight space on the wall with ease. You don't need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of keeping bar soap on your shower shelf vs your other hair and skin care solutions.

Soap Bars For Delicate Skin

You may have heard that many people with Eczema or Psoriasis try to avoid using bar soap on sensitive skin since it contains chemicals that dry up the skin. Yet in our opinion, this is not the end of the story for bar soap for sensitive skin. You are safe using bar soaps with plant-based formulations and a neutral pH level, even if your skin is prone to dryness. Make sure that you tend to favor companies and goods whose ingredients are disclosed.

Bar Soap For Acne-Prone Skin

Creamy body soaps are without a doubt incredibly moisturizing. But, if you have oily skin, your best bet would be to use a bar soap instead of body wash, which contains oil-based chemicals. Remember that bar soap's squeaky-clean, oil-free effect comes at a slight cost to your skin's natural oils and fats, so we advise using a moisturizing body lotion afterwards to replace any nutrients lost along the way.

Skin Exfoliation Without Tools

Although exfoliating body washes are starting to become more common, bar soaps provide your skin with the much-needed exfoliation it demands without the inconvenience of using (and cleaning!) loofahs and washcloths. Bar soaps may also have built-in nubs that will further stimulate the skin.

Benefits Of Using Body Wash

A Lavish Lather

The chance to indulge in a loofah-lather shower is probably one of the biggest pleasures of body wash. You can be sure that your skin will feel nurtured and rejuvenated when you exit the shower as long as you maintain your shower accessories clean.

Travel-Friendly Unit

Although soap bars may fit almost anywhere, they aren't the most portable shapes. One convenience of using body wash is that you don't have to transport a slippery soap bar in a bag or wrap it in the paper. Just snap the body wash bottle's lid shut and store it!

Dry Skin Body Wash

Emollients, which soften the skin, are typically found in body washes and help to keep your skin moisturized and nourished. A creamy body wash will smooth your skin and won't irritate it while lathering if your dry skin needs moisture. If you have dry skin, try Teenilicious Hair & Body Wash With Chamomile & Clary Sage Oil.

Sensitive Skin Body Washes

Body wash has a liquid consistency and is frequently infused with ingredients that, when in contact with water, create a lather. Some foaming compounds, such as those found in sulphate cleansers, might irritate skin that is already sensitive. But, the body wash can be a fantastic alternative for people with sensitive skin if you pick a product with plant-based ingredients in its mix and without excessive foaming agents. You can be confident that all of Teenilicious' sulfate-free hair and body washes are enriched with plant-based cleansers if you're seeking body wash for sensitive skin.

General Hydration

A body wash’s nourishing and moisturizing properties allow you to lather everywhere you'd like, including your face, without worrying about irritating skin, unlike bar soaps, which are frequently drying and can be too abrasive to use on the face.

Still can’t decide between bar soap and body wash? Let’s be honest here. While there may be different benefits of bar soap vs benefits of body wash depending on your particular skin type, you can count on both products cleansing your skin. Rest assured you can find a body wash for sensitive skin and a bar soap for sensitive skin, as long as the products don’t use harsh chemicals and are infused with plant-based ingredients. Ultimately, the right product comes down to personal preference.

You should take your full skincare regimen into account when deciding between bar soap and body wash. After showering, be sure to use a moisturizing body lotion if you love the feel of bar soap. Ensure to clean your shower accessories before treating yourself to a steamy body wash froth and finish with a body oil to seal in moisture. But don't feel pressured! Try both and determine which kind of body cleansing suits you the best.

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