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What Triggers Back Acne And How To Treat It?

11 Jan 2023
What Triggers Back Acne And How To Treat It?

Did you know that acne may develop on the torso as well as the face? Anywhere, including the shoulders, back, and chest, it can manifest itself. Body acne is fairly common, and many individuals have suffered from it at some point in their lives. If you've had it, don't panic. Back acne, often known as 'bacne,' is particularly prevalent, and you may even develop cystic inflammatory acne.

What Causes Cystic Back Acne?

The same elements that contribute to acne vulgaris (Vulgaris meaning 'common' in Latin) on your face also produce cystic acne, or any sort of acne, on your back. The term 'acne vulgaris' describes outbreaks that include multiple acne lesion types. Breakouts are caused by several factors, including

1. Excess Oil

Sebaceous glands in the skin create sebum, an oil that is produced naturally. However, one factor that might cause clogged pores and acne is excessive sebum production.

2. Dead Skin Cells

Excessive amounts of dead skin cells can interact with sebum in hair follicles to cause acne and plugged pores.

3. Bacteria

The bacteria that causes acne flourishes in the extra sebum, and when the body's immune system responds to attack the bacteria, it causes inflammation.

Acne comes in a variety of forms, each with its traits, treatments, and methods for preventing it. You can choose the best acne treatment for you by understanding the sort of pimple(s) you have.

  • Comedones include whiteheads and blackheads. Sebum and skin cells have clogged the pores, causing them to become blocked.
  • Inflammatory acne lesions include both papules and pustules. Small red pimples called papules and pustules are both filled with pus.
  • Deep in the skin, nodules are inflammatory, hard lesions caused by acne.
  • Cysts are inflamed, pus-filled acne lesions. They might hurt, and they might leave scars.

What Are Some Typical Causes Of Cystic Back Acne?

Here are a few situations that can raise your risk of developing back breakouts if you have back acne and are wondering if it has a particular reason.

1. Tight Athletic Wear

Acne breakouts may result from wearing tight clothing while exercising because of friction and perspiration.

2. Sports Equipment

Similar to tight training attire, breakouts can also be caused by athletic equipment (like football shoulder pads) that constantly irritates your back.

3. Harmful Products

Although it may seem paradoxical, your skin may become irritated if you use creams with strong active ingredients to remove pimples. Breakouts are more prevalent on irritated skin.

4. Comedogenic Substances

Your pores may become clogged by products containing comedogenic chemicals, which will result in acne. These usually undetectable offenders might be present in your body wash, skincare, or haircare products. To help avoid back acne, be sure to opt for products that are marked as non-comedogenic.

5. Hormones

Your hormonal imbalance may be a factor in your breakouts. For instance, excess androgens, a particular hormone, have been connected to acne. Acne flare-ups can be caused by hormonal changes during menstruation or around adolescence.

6. Genetics

Your family history may be the cause of your breakouts. If that's the case, don't be alarmed—there are still plenty of effective acne remedies.

7. Stress

Although stress may not directly cause acne, it can nonetheless exacerbate outbreaks. We acknowledge that you occasionally experience stress and urge you to priorities your well-being. This could take the form of routinely taking a walk, breathing deeply, or resting in silence to sip your favourite tea to reduce stress.

How Can Cystic Back Acne Be Avoided?

Cystic acne is more likely to leave scars than other varieties of acne, and it's not always the easiest to treat. However, there are some practical measures you can take to stop future outbreaks, which may help you avoid getting cystic acne on your back. Let's examine how to treat cystic acne on the back and prevent general future outbreaks.

1. Use Treatments That Combat Body Acne To Reduce It

The Teenilicious Body Acne Wash is made to help cure and prevent acne while also clearing up pores. What's best? By applying it while you're in the shower, you may incorporate it into your daily body care routine. Additionally, Zinc Pyrithione Soap is advised since it aids in eliminating the Pityrosporum fungus that causes acne and lives on the skin. Just make sure to leave the soapy residue on your skin for a minute before rinsing them off to give the zinc time to absorb into your skin.

2. Get Rid Of Sweaty Workout Attire

Although working up a sweat is good for the body, avoid leaving sweaty, constrictive clothing on your skin for an extended time. Remember to take off your gear and cleanse your skin as soon as you can after your workout to keep your pores free.

3. Use Products That Are Non-Comedogenic

Keep in mind to examine your body washes, shampoos, and body lotions for pore-clogging substances and, if necessary, switch to non-comedogenic formulations.

4. Choose Gentler Goods

You can be aggravating your skin and cause breakouts if you use products with harsh active ingredients to treat and help prevent cystic acne.

5. Don't Forget To Moisturize

Make sure to hydrate and restore your skin if you're using a topical acne treatment or a body wash for acne. To keep your skin happy, find a fantastic non-comedogenic moisturizer to add to your regimen.

6. Consult A Professional

To combat cystic back acne, your doctor might be able to provide topical or oral prescription drugs that are more potent than over-the-counter remedies.

There Is An Easy Fix

Cystic acne on the back, or anywhere else, can be upsetting, but keep in mind that both adults and teenagers can get acne. The good news is that there are many treatment choices available; you simply need to choose the one that works best for your particular skin type. This is where Teenilicious steps in!

Teenilicious has your back when it comes to skincare, quite literally. Non-comedogenic skincare products are delivered straight to your door when you order from Teenilicious. Leading dermatologists from across the world have teamed up with Teenilicious to support you on your skincare journey. Our goal is to make skincare easy and efficient.

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