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Tips For Combating Body Acne In Summer

by Studio APS 12 Apr 2023
Tips For Combating Body Acne In Summer

The same skin issues have returned with the arrival of summer. Body acne is one of the many negative effects of the weather. Body acne wreaks havoc on our summer complexion, no matter how often we bathe and apply talc to ourselves. Why does this occur, and how can we stop it? All of it is explained.

1. Avoid Hot Water Baths

In the summer, it's hard to resist using hot water, but it's bad for all skin types. It scalds and strips the skin, which causes an excess of sebum production and skin inflammation that results in breakouts. There is no other option but to continue using cold-water bucket baths during the summer when water is hot due to increasing temps heating metal pipes. Filling a bucket with water in the morning and waiting a few hours for it to cool before taking a bath is one simple method to accomplish this. Another option is to add ice or cold water to your bath. Before taking a shower, you might try storing your bucket of water in a room with air conditioning or under a fan.

2. Your Bathwater Should Contain Neem Leaves

Neem is a potent anti-microbial that works to eliminate all types of germs and pests, making it an excellent choice for treating infections. Neem leaves that have been crushed should be boiled, sieved, and then poured into a receptacle. This mixture should then be mixed with your bathwater to reap the benefits. Once it has cooled, take a bath with this water combination to wash off your soap and shower gels. It will stop the existing breakouts and stop more from occurring while also reducing itching. However, keep in mind that neem can be poisonous in large amounts, so avoid ingesting it!

3. After Bathing Don't Forget To Apply A Hydrating, Non-Oily Moisturizer

Even though the skin becomes oily and perspiring, you should still moisturize it. You still need water-based hydration even though it is clear that using oil-based products is not a good idea right now. Lack of moisture causes the skin to overproduce sebum, which clogs the pores and causes body acne. The answer in this situation is to use a lotion designed for oily skin. It even works with cheap lotion from the Kirana shop because of its jelly-like consistency. Even better, you can spread aloe gel all over your body for a cool and hydrating drink. You can attempt many gel-like moisturizers that aren't heavy and greasy. Although prickly-heat talcums are excellent, they work best for heat rashes rather than body acne. A generic anti-fungal powder purchased from the pharmacy can aid in improved sweat absorption, reduce sebum production, and treat bacterial body acne.

4. Purchase A Body Cleanser That Contains Salicylic Acid Or Tea Tree

You can always order a showering wash or soap that includes Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree has a fresh, verdant scent that is ideal for a herbal-scented summer shower and is excellent at both treating and preventing acne. Chemical exfoliators like salicylic acid are excellent at treating acne, particularly if you have oily skin.

5. Consider Giving Your Body A Weekly Besan And Sandalwood Rub

If you want to experiment with natural treatments besides neem baths, a Besan and Chandan body pack is cooling and purifying. Although Sandalwood can sometimes be too fragrant for the sensitive skin on your face, it is okay occasionally for the dense skin on your body because it is cooling. Sandalwood paste, gram flour powder, and newly brewed, cooled-down green tea must be combined for this. Apply this mixture now to the affected region and wait until it dries. After that, take a shower to remove it.

6. Put On Breathable Cotton Clothing Instead Of Synthetic Ones

Even though it's not exactly beauty advice, doing this can help with acne. Even though spandex is manufactured, we frequently wear summer clothing that contains it. These substances prevent the skin from breathing and capture sweat and germs inside where they adhere to the skin. The humidity makes infections worse and causes boils on every inch of flesh. Wearing airy, cotton clothing keeps the skin dry and clean by allowing air to penetrate.

Body acne is even more challenging to cover up, particularly if you're planning to wear sleeveless attire. It can be challenging to wear that special ensemble because of acne, underarm bumps, chest acne, and butt acne, but with the right products, you can rapidly get rid of them. Although spot treatments and peel pads are useful, body wash in the shower is where the true magic happens.

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