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How Do You Get Your Skin Ready For A Tattoo?

by Studio APS 09 Jan 2023
How Do You Get Your Skin Ready For A Tattoo?

Online, there is a ton of resources for advice on tattoo aftercare. On the other hand, there is practically any prior tattoo preparation. Or if there is, it's probably not much. We believe that very few people take the effort to educate themselves and get ready before getting tattooed. It's disappointing because while it's vital to care for your tattoo after the session, it's as crucial to prepare your skin beforehand. This is taking into account the fact that, first, you will have a piece of permanent body art and that you will spend a respectable sum of money on it. Therefore, it would be prudent to ensure that your skin is prepped so that you get the tattoo you desire rather than an unpleasant surprise!

We conducted extensive research and even recorded some expert advice to bring you this list of the most crucial considerations before getting a tattoo. For tips on how to prepare your skin for a tattoo, continue reading below.

Weeks In Advance, Moisturize

The optimum condition for a tattoo is not exactly dry, flaky skin. Start using a moisturizer (after exfoliating) that contains a mix of substances that are beneficial against dry skin if the problem is persistent. These include occlusive substances including dimethicone, petrolatum, paraffin, and lanolin as well as glycolic acid, aloe vera, lactic acid, urea, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. The more in-depth the better, since you'll be able to experiment with several moisturizers until you find one that works for your particular skin type. On the day of your tattoo, just be careful not to use too much lotion (or any lotion at all), since this could leave a stubborn film that gets in the way of the needle and ink.

Consider waiting to have your tattoo until the spring and summer if you happen to have severely dry skin throughout the winter. Again, this only applies to the most extreme situations. If this applies to you, you should seek treatment from a dermatologist, just as you would for eczema or another skin issue.

Nifty Shaving

Make sure your skin doesn't become inflamed if you frequently shave (or wax) the area you plan to have inked on. If it usually does, wait until the day of the tattoo to shave the region, and if you must, use extreme caution to prevent scratches and wounds. You might also leave this up to your tattoo artist, but be sure to check with them first. Wait until the day of the event if you haven't shaved the region before or if it's been a while. Alternatively, keep up a weekly shaving regimen for the area in the weeks/months before receiving your tattoo. This will assist your skin to become used to the treatment and recover more quickly after each shave. Regular shaving is an exfoliation technique that will also help you stick to your revised moisturizing regimen.


Skin that is properly hydrated is healthy, and tattoos will look better on clearer skin. Start today by consuming eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. It might be necessary to plan out where the public restrooms are concerning your regular routes, but the small inconvenience will be worthwhile. Additionally, constant hydration is a key component of your tattoo aftercare regimen, so it's best to become accustomed to the practice as soon as possible. Furthermore, stay away from substances that can dry up your skin. Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol weeks before your session, or at the very least, drink more water after consuming a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, etc.

Avoid Getting Tanned

On sunny days, apply SPF-50+ to the area of exposed skin where you plan to get a tattoo. The last thing you want is to have sun-damaged skin before a session. You'll probably need to reschedule if you already have burns or are very tan. A few weeks before getting your tattoo, stay away from tanning beds, the beach, and simply sitting defenseless on sunny patios. If travelling on a vacation to a popular destination known for intense sun, make sure to wear UV-protective apparel in addition to SPF-50+. Last but not least, keep an eye out for UV reports in your area and be extra vigilant when the forecast suggests it. Being vampire-pale rather than a crimson colour before getting tattooed is preferable.

Eat for Skin Health

Besides beverages, a lot of people don't realize that what they eat and don't eat has a significant impact on skin health, which in turn affects your skin's capacity to receive a tattoo. Avoid salty, sweet, and foods high in refined carbs that might dry out your skin. Consume seafood instead that is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Additionally, include nuts in your diet, particularly almonds and Brazil nuts, which are high in vitamin E and selenium, a potent antioxidant that acts in conjunction with vitamins E and C. Ask for additional guacamole when ordering because avocados also contain healthy fats, and are rich in vitamin E. Consume ample vitamin C to strengthen your immune system and encourage the formation of collagen, which is good for your skin. There is no substitute for natural meals to provide what you need and create healthier skin, even though you can supplement accordingly. Dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and other foods are high in vitamin C.

Eat Something Before The Session

Never get to your tattoo appointment hungry. You will have the essential strength and energy if you eat before your visit to deal with the discomfort. You run a higher chance of fainting or becoming dizzy if you don't. Your blood sugar level can drop if you don't eat before your session, which will make you more sensitive to discomfort. Additionally, having a tattoo can make you tired because your body uses too much energy trying to numb the pain. Get a nutritious lunch now, ideally one that is strong in protein. If you are having a lengthy tattoo session, remember to pack some (healthy) snacks, such as a granola bar, to keep you energized.

Put On Appropriate And Comfy Clothing

Wearing adequate and comfortable clothing is also essential. This is a smart move because it will make it simpler for the tattoo artist to reach the location you want to be inked. Additionally, it will keep you relaxed during the entire session. Opt for loose-fitting clothing while making your wardrobe selection. It should make it simple for your tattoo artist to access the area you want to get inked. Having socks and a jacket will also keep you warm.

Don't use drugs or drink alcohol either before or during your tattoo appointment. However, they may cause issues and eventually endanger your safety. Alcohol, coffee, and aspirin should all be completely avoided the day before getting inked.

They have qualities that thin blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding. Finally, don't forget to let your tattoo artist know if you're using any prescription drugs or have a health problem.

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