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Hair Gel for Boys


Rs. 194.35 Rs. 299.00

Maintains good hold on hair & gives the hair a wet look. Teenilicious boys stunning gel is easy to rework throughout the day, so the hairstyle always looks fresh.

  • Keeps the hair moist throughout the day
  • Wheat protein, soy protein, amino acids like arginine, serine and threonine nourish the hair and provide strength & shine to the hair.
  • The non-sticky formulation is easy to apply and suits all types of hair.
  • This Alcohol-free formula prevents the hair from going frizzy.

Ingredients : 

  • Mild Ingredients : Do not harm the scalp
  • Soy Protein : A natural source of keratin adds nourishment & strengthens hair
  • Arginine Wheat : Promotes faster hair growth
  • Specialised Formula : Sets your hair with an extra strong hold

How To Use :

  1. For a shinier look, apply hair gel to damp hair or for a more matte finish, use it on dry.
  2. Start with a dime to nickel amount of gel. Rub it in between the hands and then thorough hair, making sure the gel is well distributed.
  3. Then style into your desired style.
  4. Hair gel can be reactivated or restyled at any time by adding water to hair so you can refresh hair in the afternoon or take another try to get the look just right.