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Boys Anti Acne Face Wash


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Teenilicious products are compatible with the tender teenage skin which is very prone to breakouts.

  • Teenilicious Boys Acne Face wash works best on teenage boy’s skin of the oily, dry or sensitive varieties.
  • An effective face wash to prevent breakouts and helps eliminate acne marks.
  • This unique oil control formula eliminates excess oil, dead cells, and dirt from the facial skin and cleanses without over-drying.
  • Natural Tea Tree Oil helps in the reduction of pimples, comedones & reduction of Sebum.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant, helps to slow down processes that damage cells.

Deep Cleanser

This anti-acne face-wash mixes with the skin & deep cleansed it without drying the skin. It nourishes skin without grabbing its moisture. It is specially formulated for the acne-free gradient. It regenerates the skin growth and makes your skin clean and soft.

Removes Extra Dirt & Oil

This face wash eliminates the excess oil & dirt of the skin. It kills the harmful bacteria who is the cause of acne. It does not allow them to grow.

Ingredients :

  • Tea Tree Oil with its Anti Bacterial & Anti Fungal Qualities makes it an essential ingredient for an Anti-Acne Face Wash.
  • Vitamin F is a rare ingredient found in beauty products and is rich in omega-6. This forms a strong protective layer on the skin giving it shield from further skin damage. Castor Oil with its Anti Microbial Properties makes it an essential ingredient for Soothing Skin while Fighting Acne, Breakouts & Pimples.
  • Thymol – which is well known for fighting Infectious Bacteria and also creates a protective layer over the skin.
  • Vitamin E which helps in Scar Reduction & Skin Glow.
  • The ingredients mentioned along with other necessary inclusions in this Anti-Acne Face Wash, encourage skin cells turnover and provides an immediate effect for cleaner skin.

How To Use: Squeeze out a small amount of Fixderma Teenilicious Acne Face Wash on your palm. Apply to wet face, massage into skin, rinse well, and follow with Teenilicious Acne Gel. Use it twice daily for clean acne & blemish-free complexion.



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